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In Amphibian biodiversity, Mexico ranks fourth in the world after Brazil, Colombia and Ecuador. There are close to 300 species of amphibians described in Mexico.

Frogs and Toads (Anura)

With the exception of the polar regions, Anurans can be found in the whole world. The highest diversity of Anurans is in the tropics. Twenty-five families are currently recognized worldwide, representing more than 4,000 species and many more are described annually.
Newts, Salamanders, ect. (Caudata)

The highest diversity of this group can be found in Holarctic region. Currently 10 families are recognized, containing around 400 species.


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Ceaciliadae (Gymnophiona)

Restricted to the lowland tropics of the New and Old world, this group comprises of 5 families which contain around 160 species worldwide.
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