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Did you take a photo and wonder what it is? Need help identifying an animal? Send your photos in for identification!

Terms and Conditions:
All contributors have to accept the following terms before sending in any image or text:

1. images have to be sent in JPG format (preferably with 72 dpi resolution and 500px width)
2. VN assumes that all rights concerning images and text sent as contributions are property and responsibility of the sender(s). VN is not responsible for any legal or financial dispute concerning images or text sent to VN as contributions.
3. VN reserves the right to publish or not images and/ or text sent as contribution, as well as modify its size and format to comply with the web requirements.
4. All contributions (both text and images) will be reviewed by editorial committee, which will decide whether to publish or not the contribution in question.
5. In all cases the image and/ or text information will be published with corresponding credits, this being the only obligation VN assumes in front of the contributors.

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