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Expedition Background

Expedition Background

I have been exploring the biological diversity of Banderas Bay, Mexico for over 15 years. So far my efforts have focused on land. I have published my work as an easy-to-use printed field guide and as a publicly accessible web application This is so far the only such source of information on local nature.

However only a part of the story has been told. That is why this year I am expanding Viva Natura explorations to the sea.

Time and time again, in conversation with both locals and visitors, I find how little general public knows about the biological richness of the bay. Ocean, being even less accessible than the steep mountain sides covered with tropical forest, continues to be a mystery to most. From the shallow shore reefs to exposed oceanic islets at the mouth of the bay, I intend to bring images that will inspire curiosity, awe and pride at the vast diversity of local life. One of my ambitions is to bring photos and video from a deep sea canyon plunging into several thousand feet below the surface quite close to the shore.

Ultimately, after I have gathered enough material, I would like to offer the public a tool similar to my Viva Natura field guide and open the door for everyone to explore and learn more about the local sea.

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