Viva Natura Blog

Author: Petr Myska

Blue-footed Booby courtship

The complex courtship of Blue-footed Booby (Sula nebouxii). Feet showing, nest material tossing, sky gazing and spreading of wings are all part of this dance. Males emit whistling sounds, females more guttural croaking. Isla Isabel, off the coast of Mexican state of Nayarit is one...

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Jungle Falls

All of us who like to travel may have felt this before. The pleasant surprise of discovering a real treasure very close to our home. Because although we love to visit far away places, we often forget to explore our own neighborhood. This past weekend I...

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Viva Natura Field Guide

The Viva Natura: Field Guide to the Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds and Mammals of Western Mexico is the first publication of its kind written about the fauna of this region. The purpose of the field guide is to introduce the reader to the wealth of amphibians, reptiles,...

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La Tovara ride

La Tovara is an excellent boat ride through the well preserved mangrove stands of coastal Nayarit, close to San Blas. My advice is: take the last boat of the day and ask for a knowledgable guide. I did both. I was lucky to have procured the...

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Viva Natura App for iOS and Android

The Viva Natura Mobile App - 49 pesos MXN (2.59 USD) Is the first application of its kind in Mexico. It is designed to allow its users identify animals in the field and learn basic information on their natural history, consult species distribution maps, listen to...

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Viva Natura Field Guide for Kindle

Viva Natura field guide is now available on Kindle complete content as in the printed version bookmark feature search feature handy thumbnail preview - ideal for ID comparison No more excuses, you can download the Viva Natura field guide right now on Amazon. Available on all...

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Touch of the Blue Crocodile

Touch of the Blue Crocodile My most complex project to- date. A 93 minute feature documentary on interrelation of wild crocodiles and local people on Mexican Pacific coast. Filmed in a period of 4 years, put together in a crew of 2, myself and the director...

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Hunting Crocs with Canon

No worries. I do not shoot with anything but my cameras. Note the word Canon comes here with the capital C. As it turns out, I was contacted recently by Juan Carlos Piña, ambassador of this well known brand. His intention was to test the newest DSLR...

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