(Boa constrictor)
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Geographic range: Neotropical: From Mexico to Argentina, also on Lesser Antilles. In Mexico on both coasts from Tamaulipas on Atlantic side and Sonora on Pacific side, southward, including Yucatan peninsula.

Physical characteristics: The largest, most robust snake of Mexico, reaching up to 3m in length. Tail is short, only about 20% of SVL (snout -vent length). Head is distinct from the neck, and roughly triangular when viewed from above. There are more than 50 rows of scales on the upper surface at mid- body section. Body is brown or gray with irregular dark blotches or bands, centers of blotches are lighter. Underbody is lighter. Unmistakable in Mexico.

Food habits: Predatory, feeds mainly on lizards, birds and mammals, including large species and individuals.

Reproduction: Viviparous. The young are born during rainy season. Typical clutch has 12 -50 individuals.

Behavior: Usually nocturnal, but can be spotted during the day. Non -venomous, but bite is strong and unpleasant. Arboreal.

Habitat: Savanna, mangroves, swamps, beaches, forested areas.


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