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Web site you are visiting is a result of more than 5 years of constant effort to bring closer to both professionals and general public the beauty of the Mexican nature. This project is represented up - to - date by more than 2.600 files forming 300+ pages of the web with more than 400 photos.
Today, VN seeks funders to help acomplish the project's ambitions.

Do you work in the field of biodiversity conservation?
Are you interested in Mexican fauna, flora and ecosystems?
Do you have an original information or image that could enrich this database?
Based on the great interest on the part of VN's readers, the database is currently opening to contributions in image and text form.
If you are interested in contributing to "VN Database of Mexican Biodiversity", learn more by clicking the button.
VN Illustrated Database of Mexican Biodiversity is a strictly non - profit project run and contributed to by volunteers. Shopping on our website for items sold by Amazon. com you help us pay our web - hosting costs.

All contributions are making this project grow.
Thank you!
Shop with confidence!
It's not more expensive and helps us greatly.
Thank you!
welcome to VN Database
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