(Melanotis caerulescens)
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Geographic range: Neotropical: Endemic to Mexico N of Isthmus. On both slopes from S Tamaulipas and S Sonora to Oaxaca. On sea level present only on Pacific coast.

Physical characteristics: Overall slaty blue color. Face with a black mask. Eyes red in adults. Crown, head and throat with paler streaks. Legs and bill black. Long tail. Sexes similar.

Food habits: Mostly fruit and insects.

Reproduction: Nest built as a cup in low to middle level in bushes. Typical 2 blue eggs without any marking.

Behavior: Usually low or on the ground and when not vocalizing, hard to see. Vocalization varied and loud, often performed on conspicuous perches.

Scrub, pine forest, oak scrub, thorn forest.

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