(Sibon nebulata)
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Geographic range: Neotropical: Lowlands from Mexico, through Central America into northern South America. In Mexico found on Pacific slope from Nayarit and on Atlantic slope from Veracruz south to Yucatan peninsula.

Physical characteristics: Medium - sized (450 - 550 mm). Body laterally compressed. Neck pronounced. Pupils subcircular. No apical pits. Scales un upper body smooth. Anal plate is not divided. Color can be variable, but usually shows a pattern of dark (black) blotches and bands on lighter background. Labia and chin with large black spots. Underbody is lighter - white to cream, sometimes pinkish, with a pattern of contrasting check marks.

Food habits: Principal food items are snails and slugs.

Reproduction: oviparous

Behavior: Secretive, nocturnal snake. Usually arboreal, but also under logs and debris.

Habitat: deciduous forest, tropical evergreen forest, rain forest


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